Beware of the Uninformed!

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English: Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato fries ...

English: Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato fries at Kays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WE went antique shopping in Pennsylvania yesterday and stopped at an italian restaurant for lunch. It looked like a nice place, outdoor seating a cool bar area and indoor area. The menu was a give away. Under cold sandwiches there was only one out of 10 without meat, mozzarella and tomato. Under hot there again was one out of 8, eggplant parmesan. I ordered the eggplant. What a mistake! It was heavily fried and dark in color. Oily in texture (so it wasn’t fried at correct temperatures). I can go into restaurants and bars in the middle of no where and find a Portobello mushroom sandwich in place of a hamburger or a veggie burger.

Some places just don’t get it. They cook the like short order chefs and not real chefs. There menus are uninspiring and mostly meat and fried foods. You couldn’t find a vegetable if you paid them (romaine lettuce doesn’t count). Why in Europe can I find great food even on the autostradas but here it is very hard? Let’s cut back on portion size, fried foods, meats and serve interesting well prepared foods. I would pay for that!

Is Your Taste Leading you to an Unhealthy Lifestyle?


Taste Buds

Taste Buds (Photo credit: Happysmurfday)

We all have favorite foods but most of us are lead by our tastes. People that like salt usually want things saltier and saltier as time goes on. Sugar is the same way. Fried foods is another. The list goes on and on. If you fight it and cut back on salt, sugar, fried, etc. your taste buds will readjust. It is amazing to me how good fruits and vegetables taste when we are eating a healthy vegan diet. Start to eat ynhealthy and these foods become undesirable. Retrain your body to like and enjoy healthy choices. It will reward you with a healthy life.

Are you an Emotional Unhealthy Eater?

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Deep frying

Deep frying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We eat poorly because we feel bad. We feel bad because we eat poorly. It is a viscous circle. It can be broken! Once broken we start to feel better, on top of our game. As we feel better we eat better and enjoy it more. I have written about how great fruits and vegetables taste once you are off fried foods, sugars and salts. Sugar, fat and salt are our bitter enemies. They will make us feel bad, depressed and eat the wrong foods. This cycle will get us sick and we feel worse and eat worse. Stop the cycle, start eating what your body wants and needs, not what you emotions want. Change your life and live happier and more healthy.

Do You Eat Smart Foods


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We know from epigenetics that our diet, stress and way of thinking can turn on genes to make us healthier or sicker. Nutrigenomics is the science trying to identify what these foods are. What is healthy and what is not? If we listen to commercials or the news it seems to be changing all the time. Is this really true? NO! The foods that make us healthy are called Smart Foods. These foods have been known by humans and eaten by humans since before we evolved. They are most plant based foods, fish, fish oils and green teas. As children we can remember our mothers and grandmothers telling us to eat our vegetables. Modern society has stepped away from this tradition and is eating more fast foods, fried foods, sugary foods, salty foods and meats. As a result we have paid the ultimate price – we are the sickest nation on Earth and getting sicker. We are developing these illnesses at earlier and earlier ages. Our poor children don’t stand a fighting chance. They are doomed from before birth to have their epigenetics re-programmed in harmful ways. How can we change this? We need to individually make the decision to be healthy. All we need to do is to lower our stress levels, think more positively and start eating more plant based foods. The cure is all around us in the plants. All we have to do is eat it. Are you instructing your body to be healthy and strong or sick and weak?