The Addiction is Winning

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Photo of Richard Pryor.

Photo of Richard Pryor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smoking is so addictive. I remember a show I saw as a kid that showed a man who was dying of cancer from smoking. He had a wife and kids. They caught him in the garage sneaking a cigarette. Even when we know we are dying from it … we continue with the addiction.

Richard Pryor Was smoking in his death-bed. We try hard to solve this horrible addiction that kills so many people worldwide but the addiction is winning. Being on a death-bed and smoking also causes stress, another bad thing for our health.



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Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

That is the question! Do we diet properly and eat healthy foods or do we allow disease into our lives and premature death? Humans are funny. Even when they know something can kill them, they continue to do it. Smoking is a good example. There is no doubt that smoking is dangerous to our health, yet so many people continue to do it. Is it because they feel it’s cool? It is NOT cool to get sick and die before your time. Diet affects all of us. A good healthy diet can prolong life and make it more enjoyable. A poor diet can make you sick, sad and miserable in life. We all have a choice. Make yours wisely!

Are We Programmed to Die Suddenly?

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A diagram showing a mitochondrion of the eukar...

A diagram showing a mitochondrion of the eukaryotic cell. Mitochondria are organelles surrounded by membranes, distributed in the cytosol of most eukaryotic cells. Its main function is the conversion of potential energy of pyruvate molecules into ATP. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Science Daily says the mitochondria in each cell’s nucleus may signal death to all cells in the body. The mitochondria send out a protein to tell the cell and neighboring cells to die. This protein is a form of messenger epigenetics that sends signals to cells to do something. The body, under certain circumstances may issue a death signal to kill all cells quickly. This may be why people on their death beds suddenly just go.

Death is Inevitable!

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Health (Photo credit: 401K)

We don’t eat healthy to avoid death. To our best knowledge, no one has ever beaten death. So being healthy is not about not dying. It’s about living better the last 10 to 20 years of your life. If you are healthy, able to get around on your own, enjoying life, you will be happier. No one wants to be a burden to others. This can lead to depression and on down a very dark path. The more you eat healthy today, the higher the probability that you will be healthy and sound tomorrow. Eat well.

Are Athletes Healthy?

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A Marine of the United States Marine Corps run...

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We assume that athletes are healthy because they are strong, able to do amazing things and look thin. In reality they may not be so healthy inside. Healthy muscle and thinness can be had by extreme exercise but it doesn’t guarantee a healthy body. Health needs exercise but diet and a positive mental attitude is needed as well. Dr. Philip Maffetone says athletes can be fit but unhealthy. He says that autopsies preformed on athletes that have had a questionable death show that only 2% have healthy hearts. They are illness wrapped in a cute package. He says we have to stop confusing fitness with healthiness. You can be very fit, able to perform remarkable feats but at the same time be unhealthy. He goes on to say people with a predisposition to heart disease can turn “OFF” the gene that causes it by lifestyle changes (epigenetics). He says that diet, stress and even over training can lead to increased heart disease. Lastly he raises the ethical question, as I have raised in this BLOG, as to who is responsible if we encourage our children or ourselves to have a lifestyle that leads to illness and premature death?

Do Our Genes Know the End is Near?


DNA damage resulting in multiple broken chromo...

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Scientists define DNA Damage response (DDR) as messages sent by chromosomes with critically short telomeres. These messages then signal widespread changes in gene expressions. These changes may be signaling a failure coming and make the organism age rapidly and die. These signals may be a last minute attempt to change the organism to survive but the damage may be so severe that it is not possible.

Is Eating Unhealthy Foods Suicide or Murder?


The skull and crossbones, a common symbol for ...

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We know that eating unhealthy foods can lead to our premature death and suffering. Is this then suicide? We knowingly continued to eat foods that were killing us. If we do this and our children or grandchildren get sick and die prematurely, is that murder? These are tough ethical questions given the science of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. We are responsible for our own health and that of our children and their children. Live responsibly!