Steve Jobs Meets with Dean Ornish near the End

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Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

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According to the NY Times Steve Jobs is good friends with Dean Ornish and was one of the last people to have dinner with him. From this BLOG, you know the important work of Dean Ornish in stopping cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. It is so important to review your lifestyle, set your expectations about your health and make changes to realize those expectations.

A Scientific Formula for Health

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Cover of "Eat to Live: The Revolutionary ...

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Reading Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, I see yet another dedicated person that is not only trying to help people but actually succeeding. Like Dean Ornish, he has helped thousands of people lose weight and become healthier. He also advocates a diet primarily based on fruits and vegetables in a raw state. Dr Fuhrman puts forward a health formula: H=N/C.
H stands for health, N for nutrients and C for calories. The higher the ratio of nutrients to calories, the healthier we are. Conversely the lower the number, the sicker we can be. Are you eating nutrient rich foods or empty calories that are addicting but will cause you illness and suffering.

The Politics of the Meat & Dairy Industry

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Candy is Delicious Food

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The Politics of the Meat & Dairy Industry – This video is another from the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii. Again bear with opening remarks on this society and membership. Michele Simon J.D., a young lawyer, wrote a book on the abuses of the food industry. She speaks on public health crises. She graduated from Yale school of public health and says she learned nothing about the realities of good health. She read a book by Dean Ornish (subject of many of my BLOGs) to lose weight and was stunned at how well plant-based diets preformed. She states:

·        Food companies are claiming to be trying to solve obesity problem but at the same time they lobby against healthy drinks and food that eat into their profits

·        Center for Consumer Freedom – Front group to protect big food companies and meat & dairy industry

·        National Confectioners Association – protects sugar industry

·        Federal government is asleep at the wheel. Policy making has shifted completely to local & state levels

·        Food industry is under pressure from media, policy makers and scientists who are all asking very difficult questions about how their foods are adversely affecting all our health

·        Other pressures are shareholders & competition

·        They respond to these pressures by
i.     Denying the findings
ii.     Not their fault; it’s Americans fault
iii.     American’s need more exercise; divert the topic elsewhere
iv.     Promote exercise in our schools but they sell their products and hook another generation
v.     Promote their products as nutritious; when they have more calories & fat than older products
vi.     Bate & switch – say you are healthy e.g. whole grains but your product isn’t natural whole grains and is sugar-coated
vii.     Lobbying – Claim to change your ways but lobby to prevent any real change that will affect your products

Diabetes Can Be Cured!


Cover of "The Spectrum: A Scientifically ...

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Diabetes is a serious disease in this country. Our pancreas makes insulin which is a hormone that connects to each cells wall and allows the sugar to be admitted into the cell to be used as energy. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the lining of our pancreas is eaten away by our own immune system and prevents the manufacturing of insulin. Type 2 is when our pancreas is stimulated to keep making insulin because of the large amounts of sugar in our system. Eventually the cell tires of the insulin enabling sugars to be absorbed and shuts it down. We become so used to the insulin we ignore it. This is similar to drugs that require larger and larger doses to get the job done. Dr. Dean Ornish, MD in his book, The Spectrum, says diabetes is costing us 12% of the federal healthcare spending or about $80 billion. He also states that diabetes is totally preventable and if you have it you can reverse it. He provides a diet that moves you from a high fat meat diet to a vegetarian one. You can move a little and see major results. His book also talks about exercise and meditation. Remember diet, exercise and meditation or three major items that has a positive effect on your epigenetics. Change your epigenetics and live a happier and healthier life.

Can Nutrigenomics really reverse Aging, Cancer and Illness?


Dr. Dean Ornish

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Dr Mark Hyman, MD discusses Dean Ornish’s book, “The Spectrum”, in this video. I have discussed The Spectrum several times in this BLOG. He sees this book as how to take our medical condition into our own hands and improves it. It is also the resolution to this countries healthcare problems. He mentions that GM spends more on healthcare than steel and Starbucks spends more on healthcare than coffee beans. Does anyone else see that as a problem? Aging as well can be reversed by our diet. Remember nutrigenomics is the study of how diet affects our epigenetics. See what Mark has to say on this new topic of biology.