Update on Milk and Casein

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A reader commented on my BLOG yesterday (see comments) that soy and almond milks can contain casein. It is always best to read the labels and know the names of the things to watch out for. The label won’t say milk but it does say casein. If you have any other products that people think are vegan but are not, please let me know.

Milk could be “death in a bottle” and we mostly think of it as healthy and good for our kids. So many cancers are linked to it. Switch today and help save your family’s health!

3 Cups of Milk a Day?


A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Harvard School of Public Health says drinking 3 cups a day may be more the influence of the dairy industry than scientific evidence. Drinking low-fat milk may actually cause more fat build up than the whole milk does. This is because fats tend to be absorbed slowly by our bodies making us feel full longer. Low fat is digested quickly and we feel hungry sooner. If you are a regular reader of this BLOG you know that there is evidence of health risks with any animal protein based foods but milk is a very high risk. It has been linked to cancer and heart disease. Remember we are the only animal that drinks milk after a very young age and the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal.

What makes us eat certain things?

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Holstein cattle, the dominant breed in industr...

Holstein cattle, the dominant breed in industrialized dairying today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever asked yourself why we eat or drink certain things? I have spoken, in this BLOG, about the problems associated with drinking milk. We are the only mammal that drinks the milk of another mammal on a regular basis. We are the only mammal that drinks milk beyond a young age. Think about early man and woman. Walking across a field with cows and one says to the other, “I wonder what the taste of that animals insides is like”. Maybe they were thirsty and saw young cows drinking from the mother. It is weird to fast forward to today and see every store with cow’s milk in it. We call it a staple as if it were needed for life. When in fact it causes cancer, allergies and a slew of other illnesses. Don’t even get me started on snails!

Jackie, this one is for you…

Dairy, America’s Biggest Poisoner

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Espace Opéra Milk

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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has a website which discusses the problems of consuming dairy products.
a. Osteoporosis – Tests show cow’s milk actually may cause it rather than prevent it
b. Cardiovascular Disease – all dairy products contain significant amounts of cholesterol and fat
c. Cancer – Several types of cancer have been linked to consumption of dairy. These include ovarian, breast and prostate cancers
d. Diabetes – Type 1 is linked to consumption of dairy products
e. Lactose Intolerance – Is becoming more common and is caused by consumption of dairy
f. Vitamin D Toxicity – Consumption of cow’s milk may not provide a significant source of vitamin D in your diet
g. Contaminants – Synthetic hormones in Cow’s milk is passed into our bodies and may cause inflammation
h. Health Concerns of Infants and Children – Dairy may pose health risks to children that lead to chronic illnesses, diabetes and heart disease

If you consume dairy, you should read the articles on this website and educate yourself on the dangers of dairy in out diets.

The Politics of the Meat & Dairy Industry

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Candy is Delicious Food

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The Politics of the Meat & Dairy Industry – This video is another from the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii. Again bear with opening remarks on this society and membership. Michele Simon J.D., a young lawyer, wrote a book on the abuses of the food industry. She speaks on public health crises. She graduated from Yale school of public health and says she learned nothing about the realities of good health. She read a book by Dean Ornish (subject of many of my BLOGs) to lose weight and was stunned at how well plant-based diets preformed. She states:

·        Food companies are claiming to be trying to solve obesity problem but at the same time they lobby against healthy drinks and food that eat into their profits

·        Center for Consumer Freedom – Front group to protect big food companies and meat & dairy industry

·        National Confectioners Association – protects sugar industry

·        Federal government is asleep at the wheel. Policy making has shifted completely to local & state levels

·        Food industry is under pressure from media, policy makers and scientists who are all asking very difficult questions about how their foods are adversely affecting all our health

·        Other pressures are shareholders & competition

·        They respond to these pressures by
i.     Denying the findings
ii.     Not their fault; it’s Americans fault
iii.     American’s need more exercise; divert the topic elsewhere
iv.     Promote exercise in our schools but they sell their products and hook another generation
v.     Promote their products as nutritious; when they have more calories & fat than older products
vi.     Bate & switch – say you are healthy e.g. whole grains but your product isn’t natural whole grains and is sugar-coated
vii.     Lobbying – Claim to change your ways but lobby to prevent any real change that will affect your products