What is in a Chicken Nugget?

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Dr Greger does an autopsy of chicken nuggets in the video below. Chicken is an item missing or almost missing from chicken nuggets! It’s mostly skeleton, skin and fat (no meat). We seem to have laws that allow names to represent an item in a misleading way. Do you really want to feed your kids skin, skeleton and fat? No wonder America’s waist line is in a constant growth!



Small Organic Cafes

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English: "Town's End Farm" technical...

English: “Town’s End Farm” technically just outside of West Chester, Pennsylvania, but not really anymore. Built by Wm. Townsend in 1806 in the Federal style and later expanded. Name is of course a double entendre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Over the weekend we visited “Roots Café and Garden” in West Chester, PA. The food was great. I had a sandwich on whole wheat of sprouts, avocado, tomato, cucumber and a little cream cheese. It was refreshing and delicious. We enjoy finding small places that cater to organic food and home-made recipes. No packaged goods! We then walked around West Chester a great small college town. There are plenty of restaurants and even a store that sells Italian gelato. It makes a Sunday enjoyable.


Is Vegan Pizza Worth It?


Pizza I made

Pizza I made (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pizza has always been cheesy but can you enjoy pizza without the real cheese? The answer is yes and there are two ways to do it:

  1. Use a vegan cheese on the pie. This works but doesn’t melt as well as real cheese and is different in consistency but it might work for you.
  2. My preference is a pie without cheese. You can order these at your local pizzeria. I get crispy crust and put my favorite veggies on it like mushrooms, onions and black olives. The taste is wonderful and I find I don’t miss the cheese.

Using a thin crispy crust cuts back on carbs as well. The cheese less pizzas are sometimes called Tomato Pies.

Plant Diets can cure Fibromyalgia


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says millions suffer from painful fibromyalgia. Both vegetarian diets and vegan diets help but vegan diets helped the most. This 20 year study was done by the Mayo Clinic. Animal protein causes inflammation and inflammation can lead to diseases and cancer. Drugs are not the answer, plants are! If you seuffer from this terrible disease give plants a chance. You have nothing to loose except your pain.

Beyond Meat goes Retail


I have spoken about Beyond Meats chicken-less chicken before. It is a fantastic product that is used to make dishes in Whole Foods Supermarkets. It is now available at Whole Foods to purchase and bring home so you can make your own dishes. This product looks and tastes like chicken. Go wild, make some great recipes and let me know what is your favorite.

Soy Beans have a Long History


English: A package of toasted soybeans, manufa...

English: A package of toasted soybeans, manufactured and distributed by Trader Joe’s. Shot taken by User:CoolFox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My good friend David sent this article on the history of soybeans. They have been around for a long time. They provide healthy nutrition, protein and are good in so many different kinds of recipes. Search the web for soybeans and try different ones. People enjoy veggie-burgers made from soy, humus, soy milk as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, and many more. Try different things and enjoy new foods that are really healthy.

It’s Springtime with Spring Thoughts in the Air


English: Serving veggie burgers at Stanford un...

English: Serving veggie burgers at Stanford university (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This time of year does something to us. In America we have new love in the air, baseball, barbeques, travel and getting outside. It’s natural! All of this is our bodies reacting to the Spring weather. It’s a very good thing. Remember a few things as you enjoy this time of year. Wear your sun block and watch what you eat and how you prepare it. We all love a good barbecue but cooking things too long on a barbecue can be carcinogenic. Watch the amount of meats you consume. Try some fish, veggies on the barbecue or veggie burgers with all the trimmings. You can enjoy Spring but not blow the health diet. Keeping excessive weight off is an American past time but it’s obviously not working. A better past time is to watch your health diet. It will keep you healthy and weight will naturally fall off. Enjoy the Spring and Summer but live healthy!



Bill Gates and a Vegan Diet

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English: Veggie burger

English: Veggie burger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill makes a case for a vegan diet saying it’s better for everyone and the planet. Many vegetarians and meat eaters have been eating veggie burger products as a substitute for meat. Companies like Trader Joe’s has great vegetarian meatballs. They taste great and you can use them as meatballs or make a meat gravy or meatloaf or stuffed peppers, etc. Let your imagination go wild. There are also a variety of non meat cold cuts and non dairy cheeses in most supermarkets. These products taste great. You can make an Italian sub and no one will know it’s not meat! A company I have mentioned before, Beyond Meat, has the most amazing non meat chicken product I have ever tasted. Our Whole Foods uses this product to make a large variety of  foods in the prepared foods area. The Thai Chicken is to die for. These products are not as good as natural grown vegetables and fruits but are far better than eating too much animal protein. Experiment and try different recipes. You will be surprised what you can do with these products and no one will know except you.

Apple Juice may be worse than sugar water

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English: Clear apple juice from concentrate in...

English: Clear apple juice from concentrate in a bottle. Français : Jus de pomme clair du concentré dans une bouteille. Cymraeg: Sudd afal mewn potel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says apple juice is no better for us than plain sugar water! We have spoke about fruit juices vs. fruit a lot in this BLOG. We are so SOLD by marketing in this country that most Americans believe juice in the morning is actually healthy. Eat the fruit instead.

Can Vegan Cheese Really Look and Taste Great?

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The logo of the Vegan Society (UK), which asso...

The logo of the Vegan Society (UK), which associated international groups of such (similar) societies based on veganism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vegan Mainstream ran a photo contest of vegan cheeses and have posted the winners. Look at some of these dishes. The book describes recipes and how to present these cheeses. If you are vegan or just want to cut back on cheese consumption, check this out!

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