Eat Meat before a Colonoscopy?


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Endoscopic image, 1 of 4, of an endomucosal resection of a sessile colon polyp. Next Image Stephen Holland, MD Category:Endoscopic images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My fiancée was told she shouldn’t eat vegetables and fruit before her colonoscopy but it was OK to eat meat, white bread (not whole wheat) and diary. She asked “So I am getting a colonoscopy to check if I have colon cancer and I should only eat the foods that cause colon cancer?” The medical communities lack of understanding the dietary side of epigenetics and how it can cause cancer is concerning. We need the young doctors coming out of medical school to take a hard look at the affects of epigenetics and understand our environment is what is affecting out health and the answer is not drugs and certainly the old school thinking needs to be updated. Lawyers could have a field day with this one.

The Latest Colon Cancer Findings


Colorectal cancer

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The World Journal of Gastroenterology (WJG)published its findings for 2010 on Colorectal Cancer (CRC), basically found strong evidence that western diet and consumption of meat (especially red or processed meats) are strongly related to CRC development. In addition to meats, substantial consumption of alcoholic drinks, body fat and abdominal fatness, and the factors that lead to greater adult attained height or its consequences are causes of CRC as well. There is overwhelming evidence that our diet does affect epigenetics and epigenetics turns ON/OFF genes that can prevent or cause cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. Your health is your choice! Choose wisely.