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Colonoscopy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a colonoscopy yesterday and the prep has horrible for a vegetarian. No fruit or vegetables for 4 days before. Eat meat, eggs and diary. They obviously haven’t read the CDC, AMA or numerous universities reports on animal protein causes cancer. So I have to eat the very food that causes cancer for a cancer screening test. Who’s thinking here?

Age, Vitamin D, Obesity and Cancer

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A new study at Newcastle Univ.

English: Colorectal cancer, gross appearance o...

English: Colorectal cancer, gross appearance of an opened colectomy specimen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shows that age does increase epigenetic methylation associated with bowl cancer. Vitamin D seems to decrease these markers but obesity increases them. We can do much about aging but we can eat well and remain trim. It’s your life, how will you live it?

Another Doctor that shows changes diet to prevent disease

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English: Nutrigenomics: bring disease, cancer,...

English: Nutrigenomics: bring disease, cancer, diet and genetics together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. McDougall speaks about diet and health. Everyone knows stopping smoking prevents cancer and taking a drunk off the road prevents deaths. Changing diets also prevent many serious diseases. There are many many doctors that see the reality of disease and health. Do you?

Eat Meat before a Colonoscopy?


Endoscopic image, 1 of 4, of an endomucosal re...

Endoscopic image, 1 of 4, of an endomucosal resection of a sessile colon polyp. Next Image Stephen Holland, MD Category:Endoscopic images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My fiancée was told she shouldn’t eat vegetables and fruit before her colonoscopy but it was OK to eat meat, white bread (not whole wheat) and diary. She asked “So I am getting a colonoscopy to check if I have colon cancer and I should only eat the foods that cause colon cancer?” The medical communities lack of understanding the dietary side of epigenetics and how it can cause cancer is concerning. We need the young doctors coming out of medical school to take a hard look at the affects of epigenetics and understand our environment is what is affecting out health and the answer is not drugs and certainly the old school thinking needs to be updated. Lawyers could have a field day with this one.

Too Much or too Little of something can be Bad!


This image shows a DNA molecule that is methyl...

This image shows a DNA molecule that is methylated on both strands on the center cytosine. DNA methylation plays an important role for epigenetic gene regulation in development and cancer. The picture shows the crystal structure of a short DNA helix with sequence "accgcCGgcgcc", which is methylated on both strands at the center cytosine. The structure was taken from the Protein Data Bank (accession number 329D), rendering was performed with VMD and post-processing was done in Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first human disease linked to epigenetics was cancer in 1863 says Scitable a collaborative learning space for science. The study found: “Researchers found that diseased tissue from patients with colorectal cancer had less DNA methylation than normal tissue from the same patients (Feinberg & Vogelstein, 1983). Because methylated genes are typically turned off, loss of DNA methylation can cause abnormally high gene activation by altering the arrangement of chromatin. On the other hand, too much methylation can undo the work of protective tumor suppressor genes.” So once again we see that too little of something or too much of it can be bad. Finding the right balance is what health is all about.

Study Links ALL Meat to Several Diseases


May 4, 2011 - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Image by Khürt via Flickr

A study by Dr Joel Fuhrman shows the following disturbing facts:

a. There is a relationship between animal protein and heart disease

b. Animal protein’s effect on cholesterol may be significant

c. Many people who cut out some meat do NOT see the drop in cholesterol; those that cut out all animal protein see a significant drop in cholesterol

d. Consumption of chicken and fish, not just red meat, is linked to colon cancer

e. Those that eat beans, peas and lentils at least twice a week see a 50% drop in the risk of getting cancer

f. Chicken has about the same amount of cholesterol as beef

g. The risk of stomach cancer rises by 15% to 38% for consumption of processed meats over 1 ounce per day

h. Dr. Fuhrman’s advice, “The best bet for overall health is significantly limit or eliminated all types of meat—red and white.”

Eating Red Meat or Processed Meats increase risk of Death

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Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...

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The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study of a half million people showing that the consumption of red meats and processed meats increased the risks of death, heart disease and cancer. Is eating meat worth dying for?

Meat Can Cause Several Types of Cancer


A "home-cooked" hot dog sausage with...

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An article by Health & Longevity News spoke about links between the consumption of meat and several types of cancer. Meat in this study, Red Meats  included beef, pork  and lamb. Processed Meats included bacon, red meat sausage, poultry sausage, lunch meats, cold cuts, hot dogs and ham. The cancers that were linked to meat consumption were: rare cancers like laryngeal and liver cancer and more common cancers like: colorectal and lung cancer. Higher levels of meat consumption in both categories increased the risk of: prostate, esophageal and liver cancers. Other cancers that had an increased risk were bladder, myeloma, Pancreatic (in men but not women). This study mentions meats contain both saturated fats and iron. Both of these are linked to cancer. Meats also contain substances that are linked to cell development. This is epigenetics at work. If you eat meat, my advice is to cut back on the amount and to not overcook it. Cooking meat at high temperatures can increase the risk of cancers.

The Latest Colon Cancer Findings


Colorectal cancer

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The World Journal of Gastroenterology (WJG)published its findings for 2010 on Colorectal Cancer (CRC), basically found strong evidence that western diet and consumption of meat (especially red or processed meats) are strongly related to CRC development. In addition to meats, substantial consumption of alcoholic drinks, body fat and abdominal fatness, and the factors that lead to greater adult attained height or its consequences are causes of CRC as well. There is overwhelming evidence that our diet does affect epigenetics and epigenetics turns ON/OFF genes that can prevent or cause cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. Your health is your choice! Choose wisely.