Increased Lifespan from Beans?

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English: Polish bretonne beans with tomatoes

English: Polish bretonne beans with tomatoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Dr. Greger, the intake of legumes may be the single most important dietary predictor of a long lifespan, but what about the gas? Many people don’t like beans, some from the taste, others the gas. Beans can taste all different ways depending on how you make them. All cultures use them in their dishes. Find a recipe you like and make your beans. Gas mostly comes from the skins. Wash your beans thoroughly before use. This will minimize the gas effect.  1/2 cup of beans added to people’s diet had not added symptoms.

Beans may be the real fountain of youth.  The gas negativity seems to be a myth that has gone viral! Don’t let it cause you to stay away from the fountain of youth. Try making beans in many different diets to see what you like. Substituting beans for meat several times a week could help your family live longer and be healthier.

Beans give a lot of protein (plant-based protein instead of animal protein) but remember we Americans eat way too much protein and it’s mostly animal protein. Animal protein can cause serious chronic illness.

Are drugs Worth it?

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drugs (Photo credit: Phoenix Dark-Knight)


There are cases were we need a drug to stop an infection or help with pain but most drugs we see on TV are to solve minor things like acid reflex. The side effects are so much worse than the thing we are trying to resolve! Is it really worth taking them? I don’t believe so. These maladies that we are taking drugs for can easily be resolved safely through diet. Acid reflex, most chronic illnesses including cancer and heart disease, gout, obesity, and so on and so on… When will we learn that we have evolved with plants to help us live a healthy life. Man made drugs are no comparison to what nature gives us free. The next time you see a drug commercial take note how many there are and how bad the side effects are. Then note what the drug is supposed to cure. Change your life-style and live healthier.



Omega-3 Protects against Parkinson’s

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Université Laval Rouge et Or Logo

Université Laval Rouge et Or Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hear a lot about omega-3 being a good source of fat but it may also protect us from Parkinson’s Disease. This study was done by Université Laval in Canada, researchers published in the online edition of the FASEB Journal, the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. When mice were fed Omega-3, they were immune from the affects of MPCP, a compound that causes similar damage to the brain as Parkinson’s. Again we see certain foods protecting us and others causing chronic illness. Eat well, eat healthy!

Deleterious Epigenetic Programming


English: Logo of the United States National Ce...

English: Logo of the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information, a part of the National Library of Medicine, itself part of the National Institutes of Health. Français : Logo du NCBI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) says many pathogens are not caused only by genetic alterations but as a result of the environment reprogramming our DNA. This re programming can have positive or negative side effects. Our bodies are trying to adapt to a changing environment. Deleterious epigenetic programming is epigenetic changes that are not beneficial to us like those that cause chronic illnesses. This reminds me of my days as a programmer. Bad data can sometimes be caught and raise an error but other times it causes the program to crash (death). Programs try to deal with what ever is thrown at them but sometimes they can’t handle it.

Can a Country actually Decrease Chronic Illness? – YES!

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US Meat Consumption

US Meat Consumption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After World War II Finland started eating a diet heavy in meat and cheese. Their chronic illnesses increased to the highest in the world, even above us in the US. Yesterday I talked about Dr Gregor’s video on CDC study. At the end of the video he summarizes by talking about Finland. Their government actually Paid farmers to be berry farmers instead of dairy farmers. They setup friendly village contests to lower cholesterol levels and weight. Their chronic illness levels drop drastically! Heart Disease dropped 80%! This was by reducing meat consumption. They did not all become vegans but they did reduce animal protein. Tomorrow we will talk about the toxic properties of animal protein. Here is Dr Gregor’s video again.

Drugs & Epigenetics



Epigenetics (Photo credit: AJC1)

Do a Google search on “Epigenetic News” and you will see many drug companies announcing new drugs and studies using epigenetics. I am for anything that will help people who are suffering but I wish we had some studies to look at how we can prevent chronic illness and disease through changes to diet, exercise, stress and thinking. Imagine a world where we learned to eat correctly, lower our modern stress, exercise more and think positive! This world would have less obesity, happier people and much less need for healthcare. The hard question is what would our government do with all the excess money from reduced healthcare needs?

Alzheimer’s Disease May start early in Our Lives


English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzhei...

Image via Wikipedia

My brother-in-law Ray, brought me another interesting story on our genetics and epigenetics. NIH Public Access suggests epigenetics and environmental conditions play a role in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). They say the disease may start early in life and may increase with oxidation and environmental conditions. Being epigenetic related, we should be able to change it but we don’t yet have a lot of information on this relationship.

Our Gut/Brain Connection

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Chronic Disease

Image by tamahaji via Flickr

This is a must read article on the power of nutrients in plant-based foods. They state, as I have been, that your genes are NOT your destiny but the food you choose to eat is! Food is one environmental effect that can alter how are genes work causing chronic diseases or health. The really important thing here is it is OUR CHOICE to eat what we eat. A quote from this article says:

The gut is the seat of immune responses – When the GUT is disturbed by allergen foods, artificial chemicals from foods, Emotional STRESS, parasites you get GI inflammations that impair the absorption and digestion of nutrients. Health begins with digestion! all GI inflammation caused most chronic diseases such IBS, Crohn, Acid Reflux, Ulcers, Arthritis, Gout, Esophagitis, Asthma, GERD, Celiac, Diabetes, migraines, Weight gain, Obesity….and neuro-impairments as stated above including Depression and Anxiety. Again, GMO crops must be also playing a role in the susceptibility of certain genes and their expression.

Epigenetics Holds Key to A Better Life


Earth Cuisine for LongevityIf used properly, epigenetics and nutrigenomics can help people live better lives. If we learn which environmental influences (diet, stress & Thinking) cause what epigenetic changes, we can help people avoid chronic illnesses and depressions. Hopefully we will be smart enough to not use this information to build more drugs but to prevent illnesses or cure those already present. We are already learning how many beneficial substances are in our foods. Just eat natural organic foods and enjoy life and health.

One Chronic Illness Can Lead to Others


Overview of the most significant possible symp...

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Dr. Ian Wood discusses the epigenetic role in chronic diseases. He gives as an example that a diabetic is much more prone to cardiovascular disease than a non diabetic. Checking the blood of both groups shows that the diabetics have larger blood cells than the non diabetics. This therefore can’t be a genetic cause but must be acquired after diabetes is present. He says epigenetic marks are a code or language that they are beginning to understand. They are beginning to understand different letters that make up words that are a message to the cell. This is complex and will take a while to understand fully. Unfortunately he sees the result being the development of more drugs instead of understanding the environmental changes that caused the epigenetic triggers in the first place. If we understood that we could help a person change their diet and lifestyle without drugs.

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