Do Our Genes Know the End is Near?


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Scientists define DNA Damage response (DDR) as messages sent by chromosomes with critically short telomeres. These messages then signal widespread changes in gene expressions. These changes may be signaling a failure coming and make the organism age rapidly and die. These signals may be a last minute attempt to change the organism to survive but the damage may be so severe that it is not possible.

Epigenetics Causes Leukemia?


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Science Daily has an article titled “Epigenetics: Protein Linked to Leukemia ‘Bookmarks’ Highly Active Genes During Cell Division”  Each cell inherits DNA and epigenetics from its parent cell. This is an instruction manual to how the cell is to operate. Much of the proteins that cause epigenetics to operate get expelled during cell division. Some will stay put and help shape the new cell. Leukemia may be a mistaken epigenetic reaction that gets passed to the daughter cells. As scientists investigate diseases they are finding that more and more of them are epigenetic related.