Meat risk of cancer and heart disease

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CBS News reported that Carnitine found in meat may be cause of disease not the fat! but Harvard says 
Carnitine is also in chicken and pork and all animal protein
. The only way to avoid this is a vegan type diet that is void of animal proteins (meat, eggs, cheese and milk). On top of this disease causing agent, we have man added agents in meats that can raise the risk even higher. These are found in non organic meats and cold cuts. Then if we over cook the meat on a grill, the risk is even higher. So if you eat a lot of meat, mostly non organic and grill it you are at high risk of cancer and heart disease.

Are We getting Fat so the Government can Grow More Wheat?

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Wheat. Español: Trigo. Français : Blé. Magyar:...

Wheat. Español: Trigo. Français : Blé. Magyar: Búza. Tiếng Việt: Lúa mì. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My good friend and ex business partner David sent me this article from CBS News. Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, published a book called “perfect, chronic poison.” According to this book our government had US farmers switch their wheat crops to a new genetically engineered wheat back in the 60’s and 70’s. This new wheat produces more wheat per acre than the original natural wheat did. It also has a new protein, gliadin, that stimulates our brains to eat more. This protein may be making us fat. Dr Davis also says over 90% of the grains we eat are wheat. To avoid this eat more natural foods.