What makes us eat certain things?

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Holstein cattle, the dominant breed in industr...

Holstein cattle, the dominant breed in industrialized dairying today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever asked yourself why we eat or drink certain things? I have spoken, in this BLOG, about the problems associated with drinking milk. We are the only mammal that drinks the milk of another mammal on a regular basis. We are the only mammal that drinks milk beyond a young age. Think about early man and woman. Walking across a field with cows and one says to the other, “I wonder what the taste of that animals insides is like”. Maybe they were thirsty and saw young cows drinking from the mother. It is weird to fast forward to today and see every store with cow’s milk in it. We call it a staple as if it were needed for life. When in fact it causes cancer, allergies and a slew of other illnesses. Don’t even get me started on snails!

Jackie, this one is for you…

What’s Wrong with Milk? Isn’t it American to Drink it?

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A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Milk causes so many problems and diseases it is baffling that we still drink it. Vegan Mainstream says many Americans have an intolerance to it. Why are our bodies rejecting it? As mammals we were never designed to continue drinking milk throughout our lives. We are designed to drink mother’s milk NOT COWS MILK! We are also designed to drink it only until we can eat solid foods. Milk is linked to heart disease and cancer. Think hard about drinking that glass of milk and harder about giving it to your children. The life you save may be your own or your children’s.