Pathogen (Photo credit: Ese-emon)

We all know from modern physics that if someone pushed on us we have to push back with and equal and opposite force or we will fall. If we take a walk in a high wind we need to push against that wind to maintain our posture. Our cells react to environmental stimulus and react to it. If that stimulus is stress, we adjust our bodies to cut back on the blood flow to our organs and the frontal part of our brains. The extra blood is diverted to our muscles to prepare for fight or flight. When this happens for a short time we revert back to a normal situation and everything is OK. When we live in constant stress our organs fail, our immune system fails and our thinking is diminished. We get sick! Dr Lipton [See his videos on thios topic: Video #1 Video #2] says we all have all the pathogens out there. They are already in our blood. We don’t catch a cold we already have the cold pathogens. When we are in prolonged stress our immune system slows down and those pathogens are left to rule. It is like taking the guard away from the store, it gets robbed!