Deadly Red meat


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FOX TV says eating red meat can seriously increase your risk of heart disease. It also increases risk of cancer and most other chronic illnesses. See the fist video on my BLOG’s VIDEO TAB on the CDC study and what it found out. Is white meat any better? Some studies say NO! It is 85% the fat of red meat. It contains the same cancer causing items as red meat. In light of the overwhelming studies on the health benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet and the drastic increase in all illnesses in our country … I CHOOSE A VEGETARIAN DIET. What do you choose?


Dr. Dean Ornish on Oprah

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Dr. Dean Ornish

Dr. Dean Ornish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A diet to reduce and reverse heart disease. The show shows that 1 out every 2 woman will die of a heart attack. This can be prevented not by medicine but by simple diet changes. Dr. Ornish’s program has helped thousands and can show positive results in just 7 days. It not only prevents heart attacks but can reverse the affects of a previous heart attack. Dr Ornish says a single meal high in fats can cause your arteries to constrict and may lead to a heart attack.

How can you Lower your Blood Pressure Naturally?

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A medical student checking blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Dr Gregor’s video that we have been discussing the few days, he says vegetarians and vegans have significantly lower blood pressure than does meat eaters. I can attest to this since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, 12 years ago and decided to go vegetarian instead of take drugs. For 12 years I have had low blood pressure. 39 years ago we knew this by a study done at John Hopkins. The study shows in just 12 days of a vegan diet, your blood pressure is reduced by 6%.Is meat really so important to you that you are willing to die for it?

Is Your Medication Killing you?


Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention

Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention (Photo credit: Infographix)

Web MD says medication has negatively affects half of all heart patients. Just when we think we are in good care and are given medications to help our heart problems, we may actually be quickening our death. See this informative article on what can go wrong with your medication. The study said the drugs most often involved in errors were:
Heart disease drugs
• Diuretics
• Opioids for pain
• Cholesterol drugs
• Herbs, vitamins, supplements
• Diabetes drugs
• Anti-clotting drugs

Is Your Circulatory System inflamed?


English: Cross of a human artery

English: Cross of a human artery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday we spoke about the dangers of endotoxins from animal protein. Today we look at another video from NutricianFacts.org that show eating a meal of dairy or meat will causes are entire circulatory system to have low-grade inflammation which can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other chronic illnesses.They call this the “Leaky Gut Theory” it is real and it takes about 5 hours for our system to recover but in 5 hours we are eating another meal of animal protein. For many Americans they spend most of their lives with low-grade inflammation in their circulatory system. It is no wonder we have so much illness and suffering in this country.

Are Athletes Healthy?

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We assume that athletes are healthy because they are strong, able to do amazing things and look thin. In reality they may not be so healthy inside. Healthy muscle and thinness can be had by extreme exercise but it doesn’t guarantee a healthy body. Health needs exercise but diet and a positive mental attitude is needed as well. Dr. Philip Maffetone says athletes can be fit but unhealthy. He says that autopsies preformed on athletes that have had a questionable death show that only 2% have healthy hearts. They are illness wrapped in a cute package. He says we have to stop confusing fitness with healthiness. You can be very fit, able to perform remarkable feats but at the same time be unhealthy. He goes on to say people with a predisposition to heart disease can turn “OFF” the gene that causes it by lifestyle changes (epigenetics). He says that diet, stress and even over training can lead to increased heart disease. Lastly he raises the ethical question, as I have raised in this BLOG, as to who is responsible if we encourage our children or ourselves to have a lifestyle that leads to illness and premature death?

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

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This group of doctors are saying ENOUGH! Modern medicine is NOT making us healthier. It is not curing any diseases. In an article they say “To Tackle Heart Disease, Diet Changes Beat Drugs Any Day”. The article says more and more drugs are being found to have serious side effects. They are not helping diseases like heart disease which is primarily a diet and stress caused disease. It is time for Americans to wake up and take responsibility for their own health. The article states that we can go a long way to illuminating heart disease by illuminating animal based foods from our diet and eating more vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes.