Epigenetics Part 3

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Food For Thought - An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness

Food For Thought – An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness

We have talked about the work of Bruce Lipton in this BLOG.  Bruce is studying and showing a much different view of how our bodies work, the spiritual side. He explains how we can change our genes and therefore our health by our diets, beliefs and thinking. We are made of matter but matter is made of energy so we are creatures made of energy vibrations. Are we creating our own extinction? Watch this video! My book, Food for Thought, covers a lot of his work. My book is available from Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com in all formats.

The Three Rules Of Epigenetic Health


English: nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, gene...

English: nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, genes, disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Epigenetics are environmental influences that affect our genes. Our body reacts to the environment for good or bad. It’;s reactions cause genes to turn on or be blocked from turning on. It is an elaborate program That adjusts our bodies to new environmental conditions. The three main rules are:

  1. Diet – diet can cause health to be good with strong immune system or be weak and susceptible to diseases of all kinds. it is your choice! Plant based protein is proven over and over again to aid our bodies in building a strong immune system and fighting disease while animal protein causes inflammation which can lead to a weaker immune system and disease.
  2. Stress – Stress for early man was running from a saber toothed tiger and surviving. Afterwards the stress was gone. Today stress comes from our jobs, our families, finances, etc. It never ends or goes away in some people. Stress can weaken the immune system and cause diseases.
  3. Thinking – Dr Bruce Lipton has shown how thinking can cause epigenetic changes that can make us healthier or sicker. We know about placebos that cause us to believe they will heal us and therefore they do. Nocebos are the anti-placebo. If we believe we will get sick, we probably will. Positive thinking and belief will strengthen the immune system, heal or ills and prevent diseases. Negative thinking will cause the opposite effect. Our bodies believe what our minds tell it!

What messages are you sending to your body? If you eat poorly, have stress in your daily life and think negatively; you have a much higher probability of becoming ill with disease than a positive thinking, stressless vegan!

Don’t let your regrets make you ill!


geeky dharma books

geeky dharma books (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

I saw a show the other day that said many dying people were interviewed and asked what their number one regret was. It was regretting they didn’t live the live they wanted to live but one someone else wanted them to live. Thinking positive, living our lives happily do affect our health and well-being. Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about the epigenetics of thought in his many books and talks. When you are on your deathbed, and we will all be there, be happy with your life, with your loved ones and friends. Don’t regret anything. Stress is a bad thing and the stress of regret is very strong!

Mind Growth & Matter

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Epigenetic mechanisms

Epigenetic mechanisms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bruce Lipton is the king of “epigenetics and our mind”. He discusses a lot about how we think influences who we are and how healthy we are. Many people don’t believe we can change ourselves and our health simply by thinking it. Our minds are very powerful and give you what you want. If you think a lot about negativity, failure and disappointment … you will get it! Watch out what you wish for.

How We think is How We Feel

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geeky dharma books

geeky dharma books (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

Cells give off messages to other cells that cause them to do different things. Our environment causes us to react and “Play” different notes on our DNA. AG Scientific says we have always kept science apart from love and nurture but they may actually be a part of the same thing. Our interpretation of the environment determines which programs or notes to play in our genes. So if two people experience the same disease and one is totally depressed and resigned to it, they probably will die from it. The other person is positive, tries to imagine his or her body fighting off the disease and may actually accomplish just that. This is the NOCEBO and PLACEBO effects. Watch how you think about situations like work, the kids, health, politics, etc.  Bruce Lipton says “You are all powerful. You have power over the unfoldment of your life. You have power over which genes that are going to be activated.”
New articles on Placebo & Nocebo effects say it is dependent on our genes. I don’t believe this because our genes are only important if they are activated. What activates them? Epigenetics and more specifically our environment activates them. So these effects happen because of how we react to our environment. How we think, what we eat, etc.

The Biology of Belief

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geeky dharma books

geeky dharma books (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

This is a book by Dr. Bruce Lipton on how our beliefs influence our genetics and epigenetics and therefore our development. Watch the part 1 video below and have your belief of what DNA is shattered. Dr. Lipton shows how our perceptions control and change our cellular biology. He shows that our cells are a community of 50 trillion living cells are what makes us not our DNA.

DNA – Our Biological Computer Chip

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English: Caricature of Charles Darwin from Van...

English: Caricature of Charles Darwin from Vanity Fair magazine. Caption read “Natural Selection”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Awakening posted an article on how our DNA acts as a computer chip interacting with it’s environment including our thoughts. Dr. Vladimir Poponin, Ph.D , quantum biologist, says that there are levels of structure within our DNA that control the operation of our genetic blueprint. Dr Bruce Lipton says evolution is driven by consciousness. Charles Darwin said, “The greatest error which I have committed has been in not allowing sufficient weight to the direct action of the Environments. Charles Darwin”. We are clearly influenced by our environment. Life is not an abstract concept but a development under the influence of an environment. Take our same life elsewhere with a very different environment and it will develop differently.

Science or Science Fiction?

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Illustration of the central dogma of biology: ...

Illustration of the central dogma of biology: information transfer between DNA, RNA, and protein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bruce Lipton talks about the power of mind management. He conflicts with the Central Dogma of biology that states information flows from the DNA down. This controls biology today as well as medicine. Dr. Lipton shows this is false. He says our physical parts are not as important as the energy fields that we are in. What use to be science fiction is now science.

What Happens if Our Cells only Hear Positive Stimuli?


Cell Biology

Cell Biology (Photo credit: ex_magician)

Dr Lipton, [See his videos on thios topic: Video #1 Video #2] says He has taken sick cells out of a human body and placed them into a Petri Dish. The dish has nutrients and the cells grow and are healthy. What changed? The environmental stimuli went from negative to positive. Dr Lipton says the brain of our cells is not the nucleus or our genes but our beliefs. Our beliefs filter our perceptions and cause every cell to react. These reactions can cause us to be negative and become protective (fight flight system) or in growth mode and healthy.

Energy is what Really Matters


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton (Photo credit: Robbi Baba)

This video is the second and final in the series of Dr. Bruce Lipton speaking on how our bodies really work. Our beliefs really do control the reality we find ourselves in. Our brain acts like a filter, filtering out good or bad. Dr. Lipton says if you are in a room with 99 other people and one person is evil and the other 99 are good, and you start having bad thoughts or thoughts of fear. Whom do you attract? The one evil person. You become in sync with that person bringing your reality to a negative place. If we sit and watch negative news and shows all the time, we will become the same. We can think of our brains as a machine that takes in our perception of the world through our senses. It then filters this perception with our beliefs. These were taught to us by our parents, family, friends and teachers. We adjust our belief of reality to be positive or negative. If positive we will be attracted to other positive things and people. If negative we will be attracted to negative ones. Illness is a ramification of negative beliefs. The good news, says Dr. Lipton, is we can change our belief system almost instantaneously and adjust our lives to a more positive one. What do you believe and how is it effecting your cells?

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