Does a good annual physical mean you are health?

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Most people get a annual phyisical with blood work done. If they are given a OK they feel they are healthy. You may or may not be as healthy as your tests showed. Here is an article on 4 blood tests you should get each year. If your doctor is nor ordering them, ask for them. They may show more into your state of health!

Read about your health and what you can do to make it the best!


Barnes & Noble nook (ebook reader device)

Barnes & Noble nook (ebook reader device) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My book, Food for Thought – An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness” is available in Paperback, hardcover as well as eBook. The eBook version sells for between $5 and $10 on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com . You can see how epigenetics and nutrigenomics affects all of us. Our bodies are programmed to react to changes in the environment which is hormones but is also diet, thinking, belief, stress and exercise. How we eat and what we believe really do affect our health. The book has 205 references on this important biological study. You can change your health and live happier. Read the book, look at the references and change your life for the positive.

This BLOG is based on my book and continues to bring updates as they happen. We are told diseases like diabetes can not be cured but that is NOT true. Doctors are curing it with diet. You can as well. You can live cancer free, heart disease free, Parkinson’s free, Alzheimer’s free dementia free and many more. You have the power … USE IT!

Food For Thought - An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness

Food For Thought – An Epigenetic Guide to Wellness

ON vacation until Monday August 22

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I will be on vacation and this BLOG will restart again on Monday Aug 22. My new book, “Food For Thought: An Epigenetic Guide To Wellness” will be out this fall from Xlibris Publishing. The book will also be available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as many local bookstores. This book represents the fundamentals behind my BLOG. It is a trip into some science and a lot of fascination on how our bodies work.