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fried chicken

fried chicken (Photo credit: calamity_hane)

We are in a southern town and I know Southern Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork and Barbecue are important staples. I went into a restaurant and saw they has a vegetarian salad. OK vegetarian and salad together seems pretty safe, right? No it had bacon on it. Really! I said to the waitress this was suppose to be vegetarian. She says, it is it has vegetables on it. I really had no answer for that LOL. When I told her I don’t eat meat, she looked at me real funny and said WHY?

Diet is so ingrained into us from childhood that it’s hard to change it. The problem is the food industry has been changing things drastically for years now and not for the better. 80% of what is on your supermarket shelves weren’t around 100 years ago. Think about that. In a 100 very short years we are eating totally new stuff. It’s made up stuff that is processed. Is it any wonder so many people have weight problems and serious health issues? Do your self a favor and ask what you and your family are eating. list it one of two columns: Column 1 processed man-made stuff and Column 2 Nature made stuff. I bet column 1 wins hands down. If your column 2 is larger you probably have no weight or health issues.


Eat well …

Whats on your Barbeque?

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veggie burgers, braised shiitakes  |  hamburgu...

veggie burgers, braised shiitakes | hamburguesas vegetarianas, setas shiitake braseadas (Photo credit: juanelos)

It’s summer time and everyone loves to barbeque. If you are vegetarian or vegan or just cutting back on your meat intake, what do you barbeque? It turns out you can barbeque a lot of things including veggie burgers, portabella mushrooms, pizza, vegetables and seitan products. Let your imagination go and try different things and in different ways. You don’t need meat to barbeque. You will soon find out you don’t really miss it. The important thing is to try different types of vegetables to find those you like and try doing them in different ways to get the flavors you like.

It’s Springtime with Spring Thoughts in the Air


English: Serving veggie burgers at Stanford un...

English: Serving veggie burgers at Stanford university (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This time of year does something to us. In America we have new love in the air, baseball, barbeques, travel and getting outside. It’s natural! All of this is our bodies reacting to the Spring weather. It’s a very good thing. Remember a few things as you enjoy this time of year. Wear your sun block and watch what you eat and how you prepare it. We all love a good barbecue but cooking things too long on a barbecue can be carcinogenic. Watch the amount of meats you consume. Try some fish, veggies on the barbecue or veggie burgers with all the trimmings. You can enjoy Spring but not blow the health diet. Keeping excessive weight off is an American past time but it’s obviously not working. A better past time is to watch your health diet. It will keep you healthy and weight will naturally fall off. Enjoy the Spring and Summer but live healthy!