Bacon Confusion

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♥ Bacon ♥

♥ Bacon ♥ (Photo credit: lynn.gardner)

There have been articles online about how Bacon might be good for you. Really! If you believe that I have a few eBay items to sell you. Come on, there might be a substance that has a positive affect on a ring worms life. It might even be true when they do the tests on a mouse and finally humans but there are many more bad things like cholesterol and saturated fat. If someone did a study and found arsenic has life extending substance would you take it? No of course not because it also has other substances that will kill you!

You must be very careful when you view articles and ads these days. They are geared to sell you something and to change any negative attitude you might have on that item. Look at the drug industry and how it is legal to be a billionaire on many people suffering. Yes some drugs we need but the drugs being sold today do more harm than good. Be a smart reader … look closely and ask a very simple question: “Who benefits from this ad or article?”

Many people I know have said to me, “I love bacon and I couldn’t live without it!”. The truth is you can’t live with it!


Bacon Bacon Bacon

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English: Uncooked pork belly bacon strips disp...

English: Uncooked pork belly bacon strips displayed behind glass in Gorman’s Butcher Shop in Pine Island, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This brings images of the commercial with the dog running through the house saying bacon bacon bacon. Fast food is using bacon as a come on to sell more sandwiches. There is even a web site that claims it’s good for you. Are you kidding me? Bacon is meat with all the things we have seen bad about animal protein on this BLOG. It os salty and fatty. It will make you fat and sick. Salt & sugar are the two food senses in our mouth (all other tastes are actually smelled through our nasal passage in the back of the throat). They are strong addictions but can be overcome. Once you break the addiction you will be surprised how salty or sweet commercial foods taste. Live healthy, be your own health guru.

Look at the articles below. There are bacon flavored french fries and condoms! Really? Have we taken the addiction too far?

Meat Will Shorten Your Life!

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Harvard School of Public Health

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Mail Online posted in its Health Newsletter, a study indicating eating processed meats and red meats increases early mortality. They said: ‘The study calculates that lives would be saved if people replaced red meat with healthy protein sources such as fish, poultry, nuts and legumes and we would like to see more people replacing red meat with these type of foods.’ They also said eating 2 rashers of bacon a day increases your chance of death by 20%. I used to love bacon but not enough to raise my mortality rate by 20%. The data of this study was from 120,000 men & woman analyzed for a 30 year period by Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. Cutting red meat out altogether led to significantly better results. Replacing one serving of red meat with fish reduced mortality by 7%. More and more studies are being done that prove reducing meat increases both life span and health. Furthermore increasing plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts additionally will increase health and life span.

Meat Can Cause Several Types of Cancer


A "home-cooked" hot dog sausage with...

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An article by Health & Longevity News spoke about links between the consumption of meat and several types of cancer. Meat in this study, Red Meats  included beef, pork  and lamb. Processed Meats included bacon, red meat sausage, poultry sausage, lunch meats, cold cuts, hot dogs and ham. The cancers that were linked to meat consumption were: rare cancers like laryngeal and liver cancer and more common cancers like: colorectal and lung cancer. Higher levels of meat consumption in both categories increased the risk of: prostate, esophageal and liver cancers. Other cancers that had an increased risk were bladder, myeloma, Pancreatic (in men but not women). This study mentions meats contain both saturated fats and iron. Both of these are linked to cancer. Meats also contain substances that are linked to cell development. This is epigenetics at work. If you eat meat, my advice is to cut back on the amount and to not overcook it. Cooking meat at high temperatures can increase the risk of cancers.