Summer means barbeques but beware it may also mean Breast Cancer!

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Grilling (Photo credit: Jeff Hester)

1)      ) Dr Greger  says Studies have shown women eating more broiled, grilled, fried, barbecued, and smoked meats have up to 5x the risk of developing breast cancer. Some studies say we can detoxify the toxins in meat by 99% but recent detailed studies show it is more like 50%. So are you willing to roll a 50/50 dice on cancer? What you eat is important. Beware of what you put in your mouth or on your skin.

Breast Cancer is Related to Fiber Intake

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Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

Dr. Greger’s new video talks about the relationship between breast cancer and dietary fiber intake. This may be why vegans have a much less chance of breast cancer. It may not be the fiber directly but what else is in plant-based foods like vitamins and antioxidants. If you are worried about breast cancer or your daughter’s chance of getting it, watch this video and change your life-style. Vegans have much less chance almost none and vegetarians more but much less chance than meat eater.