Here is a BLOG by Dr Olver that says from a medical point of view what my BLOG has been saying. We are taking too many pills and they are NOT working! Lifestyle changes to diet and thinking do work but YOU have to do them forever. It is not enough to just think about it or dabble in it, says Dr. Olver. The power to be healthy and to heal existing diseases is in your hands. Use it …

Synergy Health

Dr Pam Olver, GP, Writer for Synergy Health

What are you expecting when you go to the doctor?  Perhaps it is advice or an opinion. Maybe you merely need some reassurance or a repeat prescription?  Or are you really just hoping to get a pill to sort out whatever it is that is bothering you? Do you think there is a pill for every ill?

Modern Medicine: Solutions and Short-comings

Modern medicine has given us many solutions, pills and potions that have had truly life changing impacts on our survival and quality of life. Think of penicillin or insulin for example. But while medicine has made magnificent advances we are constantly reminded of its many short-comings. We have the ever-looming threats of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the ‘obesity epidemic’. Modern medicine shows no signs of saving us from these despite the massive amounts of money being spent on trying…

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