How High Up the Food Chain do you Eat?

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Top of the Food Chain

Top of the Food Chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Humans are at top of the food chain. It has given us an advantage over all other animals. Does eating other things high up on the food chain matter? Is it good or bad for our health. Man has evolved with plant life for millions of years. Plants provided nutrients, a good diet and antioxidants to fight of diseases. Our modern medicine came from herbal mixtures (plants) that benefited our health. Today the drug companies synthesis the beneficial parts of certain plants into pills. Meat that we eat comes from other animals up on the food chain (similar DNA). We know animal protein carries substances that cause inflammation in the human body. This can lead to heart disease and cancer. Plants are low on the chain (very different DNA). Eating plant protein is very beneficial to our health.

Man was mostly a vegetarian getting some meat when he already found it dead. We were more likely to be eaten by other animals than to eat them. We were nomadic (exercise) and ate berries, root vegetables and fruits we found along the way. Our bodies defenses and health evolved from this kind of food. Modern man eats very little plant based protein and an enormous amount of animal protein along with saturated fats, sugar and salt. He gets little or no exercise. Is it any wonder we have record-breaking numbers of sick and dying? Change back to our more natural way of living and gain your health back.

Plant Vs. Animal Protein and Disease



Epigenetics (Photo credit: AJC1)

Another study showed that protein causes cells to reproduce quicker and acts as a carcinogen causing cancer. The logical question is “Does it matter which type of protein animal vs. plant? The answer was astonishing! Only animal protein caused the negative affects. Plant protein had NO negative affects on the cells. I believe the reason is that animal protein is so close to our DNA and epigenetic make-up that it affects us in different ways than plant protein can. If you have totally different DNA then epigenetic effects may not find the proper gene and have no effect. If your DNA is similar (All mammals are very similar) then the genes are found but they may have an adverse effect if they are triggered. Remember diet, stress, exercise and way of thinking (positive vs negative) can all cause epigenetic changes in our bodies. What are your genes doing?

Does Animal Based Foods Rub us the Wrong Way?

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Macrophages have identified a cancer cell (the...

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Research at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine indicates what we have been saying about consumption of animal protein on this BLOG. They say that the interaction of animal protein within our bodies may raise the attention of our immune system. This immune response causes chronic inflammation which can trigger tumor growth. This should be the first quest of modern Nutrigenomic research. Find foods that link to cancer genes being activated or tumor genes being silenced. I believe that the animal protein may be to close to us on the evolutionary scale and trigger genes that shouldn’t be in our bodies.