Plants are Our Best Friends

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Worth Their Weight in Gold

Worth Their Weight in Gold (Photo credit: garlandcannon (on hiatus))

Dr. Greger is back with a video on the positive effects of plants (Phytonutrients) on toxic chemicals we ingest. The study shows that plant may have a dual role in protecting us from toxins: 1) they have far less toxins in them than do animal based products and 2) they may protect us from some toxins we get from animal based products. Mom was right, “Eat your veggies!”


The Urban Vegan Chic



Vegan (Photo credit: sigurdas)

I recently visited The Urban Vegan Chic’s BLOG. It is a wonderful BLOG on being vegan. She discusses the sexiness of being vegan, recipes that look and taste normal to you, animal rights and health. There is nothing bad about being a vegan. It is a choice but in today’s world it is getting easier. I always find things I can eat in restaurants that are healthy and fresh. Remember the CDC report I talked about in this BLOG, a vegan diet significantly improved 15 of the top 16 killers of Americans. Only accidents was left!