Coconut Oil – Good or Bad?

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English: Coconut oil in solid state

English: Coconut oil in solid state (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says it may help Alzheimer’s but it is one of the rare plant foods with saturated fats. Beef and coconut oil have high fat levels and can raise your LDL levels. If you have someone with Alzheimer’s then try using it and see if it helps.  If it doesn’t don’t stay on it as it can increase cholesterol levels. Unlike animal fats coconut oil does NOT spike inflammations after consumption.



Cholesterol emboliWe are in a society that hears about cholesterol all the time. We have good and bad cholesterol. We are preached to via TV ads that we need to take pills. One ad says when diet and exercise isn’t enough. The truth is our bodies make cholesterol and we need it to function properly. Most of the problem comes from a combination of poor diet that introduces excess cholesterol over and above we our bodies make and poor exercise that prevents our bodies from dealing with it. Cholesterol comes from animal products. It is not present in plant based foods. If your diet is mostly meats and fats you are introducing way too much cholesterol to be handled by your body. Cut back on meats, butter, creams, milk, eggs and cheese. These are all produced from animal fats loaded with cholesterol. Instead eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. It’s your body, guard what type of fuel you put into it.

Fat & Sickly or Thin & Healthy; the Choice is Really Yours!

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I have sisters, family and friends that have told me my BLOG and book has changed their lives for the better. They are more aware of how our bodies react to our environment and what disease is. Most admit they, deep down, always new eating lots of steak and potatoes and no vegetables was bad for them. They knew that their sweet tooth was going to cost them more than a big belly. We can change for the better. We can do easy exercises to get our bodies moving. We can reduce the animal fat and cholesterol in our diets. We can reduce the amount of sugary foods we consume. Small changes lead to bigger ones. Not only will you be rewarded with a better looking body but one that can fight disease better. Our choices are very clear you can a) be overweight and look bad, have many aliments, feel tired and run down, take a lot of drugs with side effects and end up with a poor quality of life in your last 15-20 years or b) look great with a body your proud of, take little or no drugs, feel energetic and happy, live to your fullest right up to the end. It’s your choice!




Image by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden via Flickr

This is an amazing 6 part series on how animal fat (meat, eggs, milk) can and will cause serious illness in the average person. Dr Michael Klaper MD explains how animal flesh and fat can make us ill. From 1090 to 1985 the American diet changed by reducing plant based diet in half and doubling animal flesh diets. During this same period Americans became sicker. Watch these videos over the next 6 days. What you learn can save your life and make you healthier. He states the average American eats 15 cows, 24 hogs, 12 sheep and 900 chickens in their life. WOW!