Life is a Crap Shot

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Einstein refused to believe in Quantum Mechanics because he said “God doesn’t throw the dice”. But life is full of probabilities. It is why we have all heard the story of the guy who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and lived to be 100. A group of 100 of these guys would show 99 of them died long before 100 and suffered horribly. Each decision we make raises or lowers our probability of health and happiness. What you eat raises or lowers the probability of illness. How much stress is on you and for how long raises the probability of becoming ill. Thinking negatively and being depressed raises the probability of illness and lowers the quality of life. We need to start making small changes in our life that shifts the probabilities in a positive direction. If you can’t be a vegetarian, start to reduce the amount of meat you eat. Don’t eat it 3 times a day. Don’t order it on pizza. Start to increase your plant-based foods. Join a yoga class or buy a DVD and practice it to calm yourself and stretch your muscles. Learn meditation to reduce the stress on your life. Start to give as much time to positive things as you do to negative things. Our news is all about negativity because it sells. If you are going to read the news then read stories about people doing positive real things in life. Play more with children. They tend to be more positive. They haven’t fully learned our negativity yet. Doing these things will raise the overall probability of health and happiness. After all it’s your life, live it well! It’s your crap shot!

Do You Live in a Universe That Supports You or is Hostile to You?

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Albert Einstein said “How we think determines if we find ourselves in a supportive or hostile Universe”. This video is part II of an interview by Dr Wayne Dyer with Dr Bruce Lipton. There are talking about the power of our minds and the difference between our conscious and subconscious minds. Science shows we use our conscious minds about 1 – 5% of the time and our subconscious minds 95-99% of the time. Our conscious minds are what we want and our subconscious minds are programs of ideas that other people told us. Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) shows that seriously depressed patients on Prozac can correct their depression by thinking about something else and realizing that their subconscious mind was programmed to think about some event that made them depressed.  Dr Lipton says we are not a single entity but a community of more than 50 trillion cells. He has taken cells in a Petri Dish and exposed them to a bad environment and watched them get sick and die but when he places them back in a good environment they get healthy and multiply. He says we are a Petri Dish of 50,000 cells covered by skin. If we are exposed to a bad environment we get sick and die but if we keep our environment good we are healthy and live. Remember what we program into our subconscious mind is part of our environment. A fetus is already programming their subconscious minds by what their parents do. Be a master of your health by eating and thinking well. Dr Wayne says “The less we hear about what is wrong and the more we believe in what is positive and right, the better off we are. How many of us have programmed such negative thoughts into our subconscious minds from reading or watching the news? Our news stations only talk about what is negative. Negativity sells but it also makes us sick.