Can a Video game Cure AIDS?



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To the astonishment of most scientists, that is what happened. Yahoo Games reports that scientists needed to look at the amino acids that make up a protein responsible for many diseases, AIDS one of them. The amino acid order is important but the way the amino acids fold (we have spoken about this in this BLOG) is critical to understanding how to destroy it. A video game, Foldit, was created and gamers asked to find the correct fold. In just 3 weeks the gamers came up with the correct fold that matches what happens in reality.

Stories about Cured Illnesses

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Ancient Greece
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If you have a story to tell about someone close to you that has cured themselves of an illness or disease by changing their diet, stress, or way of thinking, send it to me at this BLOG. I have a sister that is a nurse who tells me miracles happen in her hospital all the time. Patients that are written off as terminal suddenly cure themselves and are disease free. We know this happens often. Send in your story. I want to hear about all of them. Share and help others fight our national healthcare problem. The answers are NOT in more hospitals or more and new drugs. The answers are inside of each of us. How we live and eat. The ancient Greeks knew this and deep down, so do we. The healthcare industry is NOT curing anyone but you can cure yourself. Cutting out cancer or taking chemo is NOT a cure. Often the disease comes storming back. Be healthy and live happy. It is NOT about dying, we are all going to die! It is about how we live our last 10 or 20 years of life. Our quality of life must be good.