The Washington Post ran an article today on “Are secret, dangerous ingredients in your food? Please read the article at this link! It seems they cab do their own tests, draw their own conclusions and then decide to add these chemicals to our foods without notifying the FDA. Do you trust your lives and the lives of your families with the big food companies? I don’t! We have enough disease (heart, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc) in this country! These additives are deemed safe by the food companies and not included on the labels. If we don’t know they are there, how can we determine if they are really safe.

The only true answer is to return to natural living. DO NOT buy processed foods. If it comes in a can, box, frozen package it is processed. Some natural appearing things like baby carrots are also processed pieces of scrap and not healthy! Buy and cook what grows! Buy from an organic farmer. Processed foods do not save time or money. All they do is make you ill.

We have GMO wheat that studies show increase weight issues of Americans. Where will this stop? You can take control of your livers, your food and your health. Do it before its to late for your family!