Dr. Greger has an excellent video on why we age!  A weird bacteria was found on Easter Island that actually can slow down the process of aging.  This is not science fiction but science fact. How does this work? The enzyme iN this bacteria is called TOR. Dr Greger defines the aging process similar to a speeding car. As we enter mature adulthood our cells are still going at top speed. They should be slowing down since we are aging. Why do they still speed along? Because they never needed to slow down! We never lived long enough in the wild for it to matter.

Modern medicine has increased age slightly but at the expense of illness and disease. In my opinion it is not the age we can obtain that is really important but the quality of life during the last 15-20 years of our life. We should age comfortably and happily not worrying about disease and illness. What do you think?