Yesterday we discussed what epigenetics was. Today we look at nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics is the study between nutrition and our genes. Epigenetics and nutrigenomics work together to find which foods are healthier for your body and which are not. It tries to understand how we can tailor our food intake to have positive affects on our genes. This would include food, vitamins, drugs, etc.

Smart foods are foods you select that work healthier with your individual genetic signature, genetic expression, and body type, that is the metabolic and molecular way your body is put together that you inherited. The science is in its infancy. Smart foods include most plant-based foods and certain fish or seafood-derived oils, green tea, and some plant-based food extracts and monosaturated oils.

Nutrigenomics Explained


Nutrigenomics and How to use Food, and relaxation to become healthy