Europe understands GMO products. They are resisting them strongly. My hat is off to them. We should never allow these products.


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They’re key in the battle against pesticides, integral to the future of edible pharmaceuticals and might provide an answer to the world’s growing problem of human overpopulation. The potential of genetically modified (GM) crops is vast, but it seems that the European Union (EU) needs more convincing before it jumps on the genetically modified bandwagon.

There are just two GM crops that have previously been approved for cultivation by EU commission and it seems there might be, just might be room for another. Later this month the EU will vote to decide if a licence should be granted for the growth of a GM variety of maize. If approved, the insect-resistant maize will be the first GM crop authorised by the EU for 15 years. A feat which Environment minister, Owen Paterson is not proud of.

Speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference held on January 6th, Mr Paterson…

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