Can you imagine if everyone ate less animal protein and more plant-based protein? America’s health would improve drastically. The downside is our economy would suffer. The medical profession (hospitals, medical centers and doctors offices) would shrink drastically, the drug companies would lose a major part of their revenue and lay off most of their staff. TV and radio stations would lose the drug commercials and not be able to survive. Unemployment would skyrocket.

America would however be healthier, live longer more productive lives and be happier. This may seem like a fantasy to most of you but if we continue on the path we are on, the exact opposite will occur. All our commercials will be about drugs to fix something. All promise and no delivery. Evey block will have a McDonald’s and a medical center to handle the sick. Government programs like medicare/Medicaid will fail (when most people are sick everyone would be paying their whole medical bills). Who will help the disabled when everyone is sick? It is not a pretty picture but it is our future reality … if we don’t do something now!