We have so many drug commercial these days. Drug companies own our media. If the media tries to report on something they don’t like, they threaten by pulling commercials. It is a billion dollar business that controls everything we see and hear. As I watch these commercials, I am always amazed at the marketing techniques used. The side effects of the drug often causes the very problem you are trying to fix or worse. Many have cancer as a side effect. Do you really want to risk cancer and death for dry mouth or acid reflex?

Watch as the bad side effects are being listed. The video will show a couple in love or a family having fun. The video is sending a different message from the words. It is subliminally telling us everything will be OK if we take this drug. Try watch a drug commercial with your eyes shot! Do you get the same message?

Many of the symptoms drugs are supposed to fix can be corrected completely by a change in diet. As Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine.”