The less sweets we eat the better for our weight, mood, and health. Live a sweet life but stay away from the sweets!

George & Jo Anne

The Great Mombie

I`ve always had this theory that the more sugary foods I eat, the more I crave it.  It was just something that I made up in my mind, as that was what I experienced when I ate too much sweets.  Over weekends I can indulge a bit too much, but during the week it`s crunch time for me and sweets is a big NO NO.


I was amazed when I read an article about Dopamine.  Dopamine is some sort of brain chemical and sends some sort of rush, I think it is the same rush you experience when you drink caffeine.  The article explained that one can become Dopamine dependent when you stock up on too much sugary foods, and that in the end you will need more and more in order to feel satisfied.  What a revelation!  In no way do I want to become Dopamine dependent, just think…

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