What we eat affects all the parts of our body. Mood is one of them.

Beyond Dysthymia

I have tried a number of diets in order to improve my mood and one that seemed to help the most was the Pitta diet of Ayurveda. This diet consists mainly of food that has the flowing qualities: bitter, astringent,  and sweet. Additionally the diet specifies eating little to no meat,no eggs, and avoiding certain oils. The Pitta dosha is associated with inflammation in Ayurveda.

Recently I read in NPR that a diet consisting of just meat, eggs and cheese increases a type of bacteria your gut that could lead to inflammation and inflammation has in turn been associated with depression. A vegetarian diet on the other hand increased other types of bacteria which haven’t been associated with inflammation.

Scientists are just beginning to learn about how our decisions at the dinner table — or the drive-through — tweak our microbiome, that is, the communities of bacteria living in our…

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