Amalfi Coast, Italy (10/10/2007, taken from bus)

Amalfi Coast, Italy (10/10/2007, taken from bus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We took 10 days to set up our new condo in Italy. It is in a small town called Velina south of the Amalfi Coast. When you spend time in Italy, especially southern Italy, you realize the Italians have it right. Farming is still done the old way without chemicals (especially on small farms). We bought fresh vegetables that still had dirt on them. When you cut into them they smell and taste so good. Imagine a tomato that actually smells and tastes like a tomato. The vegetables are so fresh from farm to your table in a day or two. We bought from a family that trucks in fresh vegetables to our small town each day from local farms.

The Italians have very small refrigerators for a reason! They don’t buy and freeze or keep in the refit, They buy what they need for a meal. Meat, cheese, bread, wine, vegetables, fish, etc. All at different stores that specialize in the best produce of that type. Restaurants do the same thing. As you sit and enjoy your meal, you can see people bring in fresh-baked bread, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, etc. Why do they do this? Because in Italy people still enjoy the taste of good foods. They won’t eat anything else.

When vegetables taste so good, it’s easy to be vegetarian or vegan.