brains! (Photo credit: cloois)

The study we spoke about yesterday suggests our brain cells reduce in size as we sleep. This allows brain fluids to flush away toxins from the brain. If our brains didn’t do this, we would be at risk of serious brain disease and death from the toxins. Our body is truly amazing in its ability to deal with its environment and develop controls to find what it needs to survive and avoid what is dangerous. We think opt the human brain as amazing but I think epigenetics or the programming of our DNA is amazing. Think of the intelligence built into it. It made each of us, it distinguishes between the various cell types in our body. It formed our brains so we could think. If we take a global view from 10,000 feet we see that our bodies and its epigenetics & DNA are a very sophisticated machine for interfacing with the environment. To what purpose? The purpose is to preserve and pass on our DNA & Epigenetics. These are forever changing from the earliest forms of life up to humans.