If you are drinking milk, STOP! Use an alternate product like soy or almond milks.

Research finds excess of animal proteins found in cow’s milk can cause a wide range of cancers.

Casein, an animal protein found in cow’s milk and used in products from cheese and protein supplements to paint and glue, has been found to cause cancer. Extensive research proves that casein, when found in excess of humans’ need for protein, causes a wide range of cancers. Casein makes up about 87 percent of cow’s milk and has also been linked to autism in some studies. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, world-renowned Cornell University Nutritionist and co-author of the groundbreaking book The China Study, states, “Casein is the most relevant carcinogen that humans ingest. It is more potent than DDT or dioxin.” The typical American diet includes one to two times the recommended daily amount of protein.


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