Many of you liked my BLOG on Dr. Bruce Lipton two days ago. Here is another BLOG on his work.

Alpha Alchemy

Money is Energy.

Our cells rely on Energy. Without Energy there is no Life.

Fundamentally, you have an Energy budget that gives you Life.

In the body, Energy is in “coins” called ATP, that represent units of Energy.

ATP are like gasoline to a car, they fuel our biological processes.

We need ATP to stay alive, and so there is an ATP “account” in your body right now.

How are you managing the amount of ATP you have?

About 25% of the total Energy in your whole body is used to operate your brain.

As you are using your brain, as you are thinking, you are using Energy.

Are you using your thoughts, your Energy, productively?

Or are you using them counterproductively?

Every time you have a thought, you use Energy.

Our thoughts create our reality.

What you focus on with your thoughts, your brain will manifest as reality.


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