Eggs I

Eggs I (Photo credit: Keith Marshall)

Men with prostate cancer that recurs, have a commonality. They eat eggs and Chicken. They even believe they are eating healthy because they are eating chicken instead of beef. Dr. Greger says that these foods have Choline which increases our risks of cancer. The egg industry knows this is true but hides the data and even promotes choline as a good reason to eat eggs. We are living in very strange times when a company for profit can lie about research and cause the death of more people than a war does. Not just death but suffering for the individual and the family and friends around that person.

Harvard did this research and found men that ate less than 1 egg a day had a 2 times increase in the chance of prostate cancer than men who did not eat eggs. Eating chicken was even worse at a 4 times the risk. Do these foods give us enough pleasure to risk premature death? We are like robots when it comes to advertisements on TV. They tell us things to help sell a product and if they cause death, so be it. Be smart and think about commercials you watch on TV.

We are also sold that cancer is generic! That is total BULL! We know from this BLOG that genes that from cancer are in all of us. Those genes must get turned ON to cause cancer and Tumor fighting genes must get turned OFF! This happens via epigenetic. It is caused by the food we eat, how we think and what we believe. You can control most of the diseases that afflict Americans. Don’t give up because your mom had it or your dad.