Examples of high-protein foods are tofu, dairy...

Examples of high-protein foods are tofu, dairy products, fish, and meat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are still eating whatever you want and thinking it won’t affect me! Think again. America is a nation of sick people. More so than anywhere else. Our diets are the poorest in the world. We are told we have great diets because we have food rich in protein (animal protein). Protein is a toxin to the body. Our bodies need some protein but too much causes problems. People eating a diet rich in animal protein (meat, eggs, milk and cheese) with little or no plant protein will get sick. I have posted many videos on this BLOG from top scientists talking about this problem. Watch these videos at this link! Make a change, any change. Even if you can’t give up meat altogether, cut back on it and eat more fresh organic vegetables. Do NOT think that white meat is safe. The so called “White Meat” is about 80% of the fat of red meat and has the same problems in our bodies. Pork is NOT white meat, it is red meat!