Juicing can get you those plant-based vitamins and nutrients that we are missing in modern life …

After about a hundred Carrot,Apple and Ginger Juices and throwing away all that pulp I really had to stop and FINALLY THINK! Juicing is very expensive and it is a waste of calories. A Waste of money & food. That’s all it is.

Now if you blend or pulverize the entire veggie and drink the juice AND the pulp, that’s a different story.

I guess I was suckered in by all the hype like everyone else.

I did some research and if you are doubting what I am saying then you should to. Just look up what nutrients are in the pulp of said veggies or fruit. When you find out you will cringe at the thought of the sheer waste of vitality that was dumped in the garbage.

Even if you are trying to lose weight it is still stupid to juice. Removing the pulp just allows your body…

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