The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article that stated vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. The study was done by JAMA Internal Medicine, a Journal of the American Medical Association. Ity tracked 73,300 people of seventh day evangelist church for 6 years. This church is known for promoting a vegetarian diet. The study found that, “Vegetarians in the study experienced 12% fewer deaths over the period. Dietary choices appeared to play a big role in protecting the participants from heart disease, from which vegetarians were 19% less likely to die than meat-eaters.” Caloric intake didn’t matter and there were also fewer deaths due to diabetes related incidents than with meat eaters.

Study after study keeps finding that vegetarian diets have ;less deaths and disease than diets including animal protein. Vegans have even less than vegetarians because they eat NO animal protein in their diets. Food is your choice! Choose wisely.