'In Sickness and Health' Oil on canvas

‘In Sickness and Health’ Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sickness business is booming. Gross revenues look like annual budgets of medium size countries. Profits are up. Just stop and think about the drug companies. Their products have horrible side effects yet they still spend millions to advertise them. Why? because if people die, it doesn’t matter. There are always new kids growing up to buy the drugs. Hospitals are cropping up everywhere. Medical centers are like McDonald’s on each street corner. Our health care system is costing way too much and it will break at some point.

It is sad when we look at the research I have BLOGged about and understand that health can be improved cheaply and safely by changing our diet, exercising, meditating and thinking positive. You will never see anyone advertise this on national TV. Why? because there is no money in being healthy only in being sick. Imagine a large percentage of our great country suddenly got healthy. The trillion-dollar medical & drug system would lose all that. Do you really think they want that to happen?