English: Uncooked pork belly bacon strips disp...

English: Uncooked pork belly bacon strips displayed behind glass in Gorman’s Butcher Shop in Pine Island, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This brings images of the commercial with the dog running through the house saying bacon bacon bacon. Fast food is using bacon as a come on to sell more sandwiches. There is even a web site that claims it’s good for you. Are you kidding me? Bacon is meat with all the things we have seen bad about animal protein on this BLOG. It os salty and fatty. It will make you fat and sick. Salt & sugar are the two food senses in our mouth (all other tastes are actually smelled through our nasal passage in the back of the throat). They are strong addictions but can be overcome. Once you break the addiction you will be surprised how salty or sweet commercial foods taste. Live healthy, be your own health guru.

Look at the articles below. There are bacon flavored french fries and condoms! Really? Have we taken the addiction too far?