BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK (Photo credit: U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive))

Food Matters on Facebook had an article by a Dr. Mercola on lowering high blood pressure without drugs. He mentions many dietary, exercise related and stress related life changing things you can do to naturally lower your blood pressure. Sound familiar? I talk about diet, stress, exercise , thinking and belief as epigenetic life changing factors in this BLOG. Our bodies evolved to respond to conditions around us. For the last million years or more changes were relatively slow. In modern times we have changed the environment we live in drastically. We exercise less, we are in constant stress, we eat processed foods, we eat the wrong things from a nutrient point of view, we tend more toward negative thoughts than positive ones, and we don’t believe in much lowering the placebo effect and increasing the nocebo effect. This is causing drastic epigenetic changes in our bodies that can lead to increased illness and early death.

Dr Mercola states one source of high blood pressure is a diet rich in grains and fructose. Americans eat way too many grains. Cereals (except oatmeal), sweets, breads, etc are all sugars or turn to sugar in our bodies. Diabetes can be caused by too much sugars in our diet. Diabetes and high blood pressure are linked. The great news is we all have a choice in life. No one is forced to eat wrong or not exercise or live a high stressed life! It’s your choice.We should be changing our life styles and teaching our kids what is really important in life. You can change your lifestyle and live a healthier and happier life. Just do it … NO EXCUSES!