From left to right, the structures of A-, B- a...

From left to right, the structures of A-, B- and Z-DNA. The structure a DNA molecule depends on its environment. In aqueous enviromnents, including the majority of DNA in a cell, B-DNA is the most common structure. The A-DNA structure is dominates in dehydrated samples and is similar to the double-stranded RNA and DNA/RNA hybrids. Z-DNA is a rarer structure found in DNA bound to certain proteins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are very programmed. In other BLOGs we have looked at mammals as having very similar DNA. So what makes us so different? The answer is epigenetics. It programs that common DNA in different ways to produce a dog, cow or human. When we are conceived, we know we get half our DNA from our mother and the other half from our father. We also get so epigenetic markers. These common from parents and their parents. They help the newborn adapt quicker to our environment. What our parents and grandparents learned from the environment (epigenetics) can also be passed down to the new-born.

Most of our epigenetic markers are wiped out but some get through. This is similar to loading a new operating system onto your computer. The instructions (DNA) are set but the programming loads pieces of the system until the system is able to run on its own. We know stem cells are assigned (via epigenetics) to become one type of cell (heart, liver, bone, brain, etc.). They then grow and multiply into the various organs and bones that make up our body. This again is similar to a computer boot strapping it’s self up. From the conceived stage to a small baby, our cells grow very rapidly. This may be similar to cancer. It gets turned off at some point and we continue to grow at a normal rate.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as programmed machines but really are. That doesn’t take away from concepts of souls, spiritual side or a God. It just means our bodies are pre-programmed to react in certain ways to certain stimuli. What are these stimuli? They include many things but among them are: diet, stress, thinking, and belief. How are you programming your body.