Epigenetic modifications

Epigenetic modifications (Photo credit: AJC1)

When I wrote the book, “Food for Thought”, I tried to give something to everyone. You may be vegan, vegetarian, health conscious or a non believer. The book gives a history of mankind and how we ended up where we are today. It looks at how epigenetics work and compares epigenetics to a computer program. We are programmed by our environment. This makes total sense to me. If a species is to survive on Earth, it must be able to adapt long term but also quickly adapt to it’s environment. The book also covers the top men and women’s diseases and what you can do to prevent them or reverse them. Finally it has a bibliography of over 200 referenced materials. Read it, understand the basics, review some of the referenced material, follow my BLOG on a daily basis to see what is currently happening and change your lifestyle. You are empowered to make your healthy better if you want. What do you want?