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English: nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, genes, disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Epigenetics are environmental influences that affect our genes. Our body reacts to the environment for good or bad. It’;s reactions cause genes to turn on or be blocked from turning on. It is an elaborate program That adjusts our bodies to new environmental conditions. The three main rules are:

  1. Diet – diet can cause health to be good with strong immune system or be weak and susceptible to diseases of all kinds. it is your choice! Plant based protein is proven over and over again to aid our bodies in building a strong immune system and fighting disease while animal protein causes inflammation which can lead to a weaker immune system and disease.
  2. Stress – Stress for early man was running from a saber toothed tiger and surviving. Afterwards the stress was gone. Today stress comes from our jobs, our families, finances, etc. It never ends or goes away in some people. Stress can weaken the immune system and cause diseases.
  3. Thinking – Dr Bruce Lipton has shown how thinking can cause epigenetic changes that can make us healthier or sicker. We know about placebos that cause us to believe they will heal us and therefore they do. Nocebos are the anti-placebo. If we believe we will get sick, we probably will. Positive thinking and belief will strengthen the immune system, heal or ills and prevent diseases. Negative thinking will cause the opposite effect. Our bodies believe what our minds tell it!

What messages are you sending to your body? If you eat poorly, have stress in your daily life and think negatively; you have a much higher probability of becoming ill with disease than a positive thinking, stressless vegan!