Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables (Photo credit: nutrilover)

Weather you decide to be vegan or eat meat, you really must eat a variety of vegetables to maintain health. The plant kingdom evolved along with us. It provides the antioxidants needed to fight oxidation and the nutrients we need to stay healthy and fight diseases. Early man & woman didn’t think much about it. They were nomadic and walked a lot (exercise). They ate berries, nuts, plants they found along the way. They ate some meat if they found it already dead. We weren’t much of hunters and probably were hunted more than we hunted. We evolved with plant protein nourishing our bodies. Modern man & woman is moving away from vegetables and eating more meat and junk and sugar! This change has had a devastating effect on our heath. Vegetables can be delicious. Try a large variety of them. Cook them al dente. Try some new ones you never had. Look for recipes that make them in different ways. Eating more vegetables can have only one effect on you … you get healthier!