Stop for no smoking terror

Stop for no smoking terror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was waiting for my car at the service shop this morning and saw a commercial on TV for a drug to help stop smoking. Smoking is a horrible addiction. I have spoken about this many times in this BLOG. It turns ON/OFF thousands of genes epigenetically. It turns on the cancer causing genes and turns off the bodies tumor fighting genes. Now we have all heard about someone who lived to be 102 and smoked 5 packs a day. This is NOT the norm! If you look at 100,000 people who smoke a lot, a very high percentage of them will get cancer. So anything that helps stop this addiction is good, right? Well maybe not. This commercial listed the side effects of this drug as suicidal depression, rashes that can cause death, etc. What good is a drug that kills quicker than the thing it’s trying to prevent? If you smoke get professional help. BREAK THE ADDICTION and get off the death sticks. Change your epigenetics back to a more healthy state. Life is short enough.