Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables (Photo credit: nutrilover)

I was away for 4 days in Key West recharging my batteries. i am back and this BLOG will continue.

My good friend David gave me this lead in the Wall Street Journal. An article by Jennifer Corbett Dooren titled “Diet’s Role In Lowering Risk of Repeat Heart Attacks”. A vegetable diet has always been known to help prevent heart disease but little has been known about preventing another heart attack if you already had one. This was a 5 year study of 32,000 people in 40 countries and showed that people who ate a lot of fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and fish in relation to meats, poultry and eggs were 35% less likely to get heart disease. This is nothing new to vegetarians and vegans. People that severely limit animal protein intake like longer and healthier. Vegans, who eat NO animal protein, have the healthiest lives. This study was published in the American Heart Association’s medical journal. Change your diet and live happier and healthier!