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geeky dharma books (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

Cells give off messages to other cells that cause them to do different things. Our environment causes us to react and “Play” different notes on our DNA. AG Scientific says we have always kept science apart from love and nurture but they may actually be a part of the same thing. Our interpretation of the environment determines which programs or notes to play in our genes. So if two people experience the same disease and one is totally depressed and resigned to it, they probably will die from it. The other person is positive, tries to imagine his or her body fighting off the disease and may actually accomplish just that. This is the NOCEBO and PLACEBO effects. Watch how you think about situations like work, the kids, health, politics, etc.  Bruce Lipton says “You are all powerful. You have power over the unfoldment of your life. You have power over which genes that are going to be activated.”
New articles on Placebo & Nocebo effects say it is dependent on our genes. I don’t believe this because our genes are only important if they are activated. What activates them? Epigenetics and more specifically our environment activates them. So these effects happen because of how we react to our environment. How we think, what we eat, etc.